Experience: 18 years

Numbers choreographed: 7

The most coffee drunk in one production: ABC Bear Series 2; over 60!!

Most people I have choreographed in one production: 50 (Kultur Kontakt Austria)

I love choreographing for film, TV and stage.
At 17 I started working as a choreographers' assistant for a dance floor project and I was already choreographing a theatre piece in my school.
Since then I am living my dream, working with professional and non professional dancers of all ages!
In the last 5 years I have been choreographing and coaching on several series for the "Kids TV" Production Company in Vienna.
At the moment we are prepairing upcoming episodes of ABC Bear, Series 5.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in creating new projects...
I would love to work on your show!


Dany Nitsch hat es in der Produktion der Vorschulserie ABC BÄR geschafft, Puppen zu choreographieren, als wären es Menschen. Ihre Ideen sind kreativ und originell, die Umsetzung vor Ort klar und effizient. Besonders schätze ich ihre schnelle Umsetzung weiterer Wünsche und Vorschläge, die die Zusammenarbeit so einfach und erfolgreich machen.

Thomas Brezina, Autor und Regie ABC Bär

Danis Choreographien sind im Einklang mit der Musik und bringen die Performance auf eine neue Ebene.

Georg Ludwig, Puppenspieler ABC Bär

Dani has an amazingly versatile choreographic style when Working with puppets and puppeteers . She understands dancing and regular choreography , but really knows how to apply her style to on human performers .
On ABC Bear we have puppets of different sizes and with very different shaped heads and hands, but Dani always manages to make pleasing shares in the groupings and movements .
She is easy to work with and a powerhouse of energy.

Richard Coombs head puppeteer series three and four